Are Team Sports Right for Your Special Needs Child?

Although all kids are different, I will share with you my views on sports and kids with special needs.

If your child is having difficulties socially in school, you may be tempted to sign him or her up for basketball or soccer with the other kids.

You know your child better than anyone. Just be sure that you’re setting your child up for a positive, rather than a negative experience.

The things I have heard from Coaches about kids on their team would make you spit nails.

“Oh, he’s an awful player. He’s got some kind of disorder or something.”

“I hope he doesn’t sign up next year.”

And, the parents in the stands are just as bad.

“What is wrong with that kid?!”

“Put him on the bench.”

And, that was all heard in reference to kids in the regular 3rd – 6th grade classes. I know. It made me sick, too.

Now, I’m not at all saying that team sports should be avoided. Just make sure you know who will be coaching your child, and make sure that he or she is someone who you want in charge of your child’s self-esteem for the next few months.

There ARE wonderful coaches. Coaches who understand the impact they have upon children and make sure that it is positive. And, of course, there are special camps and organization with coaches trained in encouraging and training special needs kids.

However, if team sports are not your child’s strong suit and he or she gets very stressed or has that “lost” look while participating, then here are some alternatives:

Camping as a family

Going on Long Walks with You

Bike Riding (go on bike trails if you are concerned about safety)

Playing Tag


Going to the Park (just being a kid!)

Karate (again, make sure the people in charge of the facility are warm, loving, patient people, before signing on the dotted line)

Each of these activities will help strengthen your child physically and give him or her the benefits of self-confidence as well.

Yes, all kids need to be physically active, but at what cost? Surely not at the cost of feeling like they aren’t good enough. Don’t feel pressured into pushing your child into a team sport that may do more harm than good.

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Break Up Advice For Leaving A Relationship

You have to have the ability to move forward in life, so above all, provide yourself time, and you might want to deal with the ending of the relationship nearly like a death.It actually does not matter whether you wanted the relationship to end or not. When you had genuine wish for the relationship, the point is it has ended and there was a time.Acknowledge that and acknowledge your disappointment that leaving a relationship has occurred and you’ll come through this in time.Previously I discussed more on learning what’s going on today with relationships and men, and what men love about women.Many who are you looking for relationship separation advice set for the relationship to be over and have no interest in trying to conserve the relationship, and they will walk away cold turkey, so to speak.Break up advice for those who want to save the marriage or save a relationship need to learn how to carry themselves during the time when arrows and bows, quite perhaps, might be flying.If you are at the point where your partner states comments about leaving a relationship and wants to end the relationship, then my suggestion is start thinking about the phases of feelings following a separation.If you have no interest in reviving the relationship, then the relationship break up advice you’re looking for is about discovering healing strategies so you may let move and go on.The Phases of Feelings Following SeparationOne the finest of relationships will have some issues and if they aren’t solved they can lead to the end of the relationship.When their relationship reaches break up point, an individual can go from being on top of the world to being on the bottom of the earth.When your relationship breaks up your heart is broken and the pain you feel is genuine and exceptionally sharp.Everybody responds in a different way to relationship break up and separation, some will cope much better than others.When going through a relationship break up, there are basic stages:When your relationship has abruptly ended you will feel shockThen the shock may not be as terrific, if you understood there was problem and a separation was on its way.There will still be some degree of shock.If you were still in love and delighted in the relationship, but your partner ended it out of the blue, then the shock you will feel will be very strong.When you choose not to think that the relationship is over.Maybe you have actually remained in denial that there have been any problems taking place within your relationship, and do not wish to accept that the relationship is now over.You may try to convince yourself that it is simply a short-term problem that you will be able to deal with.Sadly, if your partner has actually broken off the relationship then it might be far too late to deal with any problems that have been building up gradually.When leaving a love relationship, feeling anxiety and depression can be overwhelming. If you are the partner that wanted to end the relationship you will still experience sadness at this significant phase of your life, no-one enjoys ending a relationship and even.It can take time to reach this stage, once you accept that the relationship is over then you can move on with your life.Be happy that you were able to experience a caring relationship for the time it put the separation and lasted and the relationship as something of the past.The Course in Miracles states, “If all but loving thoughts has been forgotten, what remains is eternal. And the transformed past is made like the present.”Even the best of relationship advice tells us that we all have some issues, and if they aren’t fixed they can lead to the end of the relationship.If you are rejecting the notion that there have been no troubled relationship issues, and don’t want to accept it is now over, do yourself a favor and find healing advice.No-one takes pleasure in ending a relationship, because it fogs up the mind of both parties involved, even if you are the partner who decided on leaving a relationship.Both sides will still experience some sorrow and confusion during this healing stage of your life.Once found each other and were able for a while to connect both mindfully and physically for a period of your life, be happy that you.Put the split and the relationship behind you, and move forward in life.You’re going to need to be mindfully sound and acting right-mindedly from Spirit instead of the judgmental wrong-minded ego.You’ll need a healed attitude if you’re ever to experience positive reconciliation when it comes to contacting your ex in a couple of months or weeks, or however long it takes.The Course in Miracles states, “The ego seeks to ‘resolve’ its problems, not at their source, but where they were not made. And thus it seeks to guarantee there will be no solution.”The leaving a relationship, or break up advice, you’re looking for is about finding techniques for how to cope with healing your wounds, if you have no interest in rekindling the relationship.(I always like to suggest that there are loads of good information on the web to help when you feel things like, ‘He doesn’t love me,’ and you think over and over inside, ‘How to make my husband love me more’.)

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